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Please consider the questions below and add any information you think might be useful in the additional info field:

  • Where will the garments be worn? (for example: in the office, in the workshop/factory, on a building site, for a special event)
  • Any other specific requirements? (for example: garments may need to be cool/breathable as they’ll be worn in a hot environment, or fully waterproof)
  • What look do you want? (for example: dressy/corporate, smart/casual, workwear)
  • Do you have any colour preferences?
  • Do you need garments for men and women?
  • What range of sizes do you need? (most garments are available in S-3XL, and some are available in smaller/larger sizes)
  • What is your deadline for delivery?
  • Do you have a budget preference? (for example: top of the range, mid-range, cheapest)