• FB-ZW460/760
  • FB-ZW465 Blue
  • FB-ZW465 Blue
  • FB-ZW465 Blue
  • FB-ZW460 Blue
  • FB-ZW460 Blue
  • FB-ZW460 Green
  • FB-ZW460 Sand
  • FB-ZW460 Stone
  • FB-ZW760 Blue
  • FB-ZW760 Green
  • FB-ZW760 Sand
  • FB-ZW760 Stone

Outdoor Shirt - Long Sleeve

Plus Size
Mens & Womens
  • Our lightest weight shirt ever at just 100 gsm
  • Super breathable lightweight fabric to keep you cool all day
  • 100% Polyester Ripstop - 100 gsm
  • Extra-large under arm mesh and upper back venting to maximise air flow
  • Crinkle resistant light weight fabric makes this shirt easy to pack in a small bag
  • Two chest pockets
  • One mobile phone chest zip pocket
  • Roll up tab sleeves on the long sleeve shirts
  • Contrast colour inside placket
  • Modern fit

Mens Long Sleeve (FB-ZW460)
Mens Short Sleeve (FB-ZW465)

Sizes XXS-5XL, 7XL

Ladies Long Sleeve (FB-ZW760)
Sizes 8-24

Available Colours: 
Stone, sand, green, blue, black, navy