• WE-THRS41
  • WE-THRS42

Thermadry Polypropylene

Made in NZ

The outstanding properties of polypropylene

Draws moisture & perspiration away from the skin, transferring it to the next layer.
Retaining a warm layer of air next to the skin.

Low thermal conductivity
Means better insulation which keeps you warmer for longer periods.

Quick drying
Because polypropylene is moisture repellent, a wet garment dries quickly.

Hard wearing
A high resistance to rubbing, stretching or tearing.

Polypropylene is only 70% of the weight of an equivalent wool garment.

  • Sizes S-3XL (garment should fit snugly for greatest warmth).  Black is available in 4XL.
  • Colours : black, white, navy
  • Made in NZ
  • Style WE-THRS40 : Long Sleeve Crew Neck
  • Style WE-THRS41 : Short Sleeve Crew Neck
  • Style WE-THRS42 : Short Sleeve Vee Neck 

Also available in Thermerino (100% Merino) : 

  • Style WE-THWS54 : Long Sleeve Vee Neck
  • Style WE-THWS125 : Short Sleeve Vee Neck
Available Colours: 
White, navy, black