• MK-MS1433 Charcoal
  • MK-MS1433 Blue Jeans
  • MK-MS1433 Teak
  • MK-MS1433 Flax

Mount - NZ Made

Made in NZ
  • Rib & Plain Zip & Collar Sweater
  • Blend of Possum Fibre & Merino
  • Sizes S-3XL
  • Made in New Zealand

Possum Merino Blend 
Having a hollow fibre, possum fur is lighter and warmer in weight than other natural fibres.  
Blending with high quality merino, a silky fibre is produced that is soft & comfy.
Our specialised brands are light to wear, ideal for the outdoors, withstand freezing temperatures and are pill resistant.
Essential Blend :
60% Merino
30% Possum Fur
10% Nylon

Facts About Possum Fibre

The brushtail possum was introduced to New Zealand in the 1850s and is now wreaking havoc on our natural wildlife and native forest.

The need to control the number of possums to protect our native flora and fauna saw the development of a specialised natural fibre.

  • Possum fibre has no scales and is hollow, which gives both lightness and warmth, compared to other natural fibres of a similar micron.
  • Possum fibre is silky to handle providing an instant feel appeal unlike any other fibre.
  • Possum fibre will not freeze, even when exposed to periods of prolonged cold. The only fibre on the planet known to have the same characteristic is Polar Bear fur.
  • The unique blend of possum fur and merino lamb’s wool creates a piling retardant fibre. Possum fur is low-pill and anti-static which means the garment can be worn throughout the years and still look as new as the day it was purchased.
Available Colours: 
Teak (982), Blue Jeans (1428), Charcoal (051), Flax (757)