• FB-99100 Alaskan Blue
  • FB-99103 Alaskan Blue
  • FB-99103 Patriot Blue
  • FB-99100 Alaskan Blue
  • FB-99101 Grey
  • FB-99101 Alaskan Blue
  • FB-99101 Grey
  • FB-99102 Patriot Blue
  • FB-99102 Alaskan Blue
  • FB-99102 Patriot Blue

Mens Ties

  • Fabric : 100% Polyester
  • Colours : Patriot Blue, Alaskan Blue, Dynasty Green, Melon
  • Designed to co-ordinate with Fifth Avenue, Hudson, & Vermont men's shirt colours

Mens Spot Tie (FB-99100)
Mens Self Stripe Tie (FB-99101) :
also available in grey
Mens Single Contrast Stripe Tie(FB-99102)
Mens Wide Contrast Stripe Tie (FB-99103)


Available Colours: 
Alaskan Blue, Patriot Blue