• FB-40220 Melon
  • FB-40220 Patriot Blue
  • FB-40210 Alaskan Blue
  • FB-40220 Dynasty Green

Vermont Shirt

Cotton Rich
Plus Size
Mens & Womens

Mens Long Sleeve (FB-40220)

  • Euro-Fit with shaping in the back and a spread collar which provides a stylish option with or without a tie.
  • Worn tucked in but can be worn out if chosen.
  • Featuring a French cuff with button on shank, but if cuff links are the theme these are easily applied.
  • Fabric : 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Features : Spread collar and French cuff with loose pocket
  • Sizes : XS-5XL
  • For Mens Ties co-ordinated in the 4 colourways of this shirt style, see Business Wear section.

Ladies Long Sleeve (FB-40210)
Ladies Short Sleeve (FB-40212)

  • A very stylish collared open neck semi-fitted shirt.
  • The fabric has a wider stripe for strong design presentation with fashion flare and is a soft textured stretch cotton blend.
  • Shirt is worn tucked in but can be worn left out.
  • Cuff is wider in width, so can be folded back with bias fabric inside cuff as a design feature.
  • Fabric : 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, mechanical stretch
  • Features : Bias fabric inside cuff contrast for cuff fold back feature
  • Sizes : 4-26
Available Colours: 
Alaskan Blue, Patriot Blue, Melon, Dynasty Green