• AP-1900 black/silver
  • AP-2900 black/silver
  • AP-1900 white/purple
  • AP-1900 white/navy
  • AP-2900 white/navy


Plus Size
Mens & Womens

Men's Long Sleeve (AP-1900L)
Men's Short Sleeve (AP-1900S)

Sizes XXS-5XL

  • A superbly crafted, striped shirt featuring a top stitched and pleated front placket.  The collar is top stitched with a contrast directional cut cuff with an angled finish.
  • 65% Polyester/35% Cotton with anti-pilling treatment.

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve (AP-2900T)
Ladies Short Sleeve (AP-2900S)

Sizes 4-26

  • A double turned Placket is edge stitched to match the Collar and the stripes on the Sleeve cuff are cut on opposing directions to give a trendy contrast.  
  • Bust and waist darts create a slimline fit.
  • 65% Polyester/35% Cotton with anti-pilling treatment fabric in both . sleeve and short sleeves.
  • As with all of the ladies shirts in this range, there is a ‘Magic Button’ on the inside placket to prevent the shirt from gaping at the bust.
Available Colours: 
Black/silver, white/navy, white/purple